David Attenborough praises the younger generation's response to climate change

Eco 26/09/2019

David Attenborough has praised young people across the globe for taking an active stand against climate change.

The veteran wildlife commentator and BBC presenter said that he had a great respect for the Greta Thunbergs and the likes of the world because they realise the importance of taking action against a very real issue.

Recently, David told an Australian radio station that he approved of students taking a non-violent approach to protesting and praised them for tacking the issue with poise and for spreading their message loud and clear.

"If they just sit on the sidelines (...) they’ll say, ‘oh kids,' but if they actually do something in the way that they have been doing in this era, then politicians have to sit up and take notice," he said.

Attenborough said that although some have criticised young people for "just stopping traffic," he pointed out that the strikes have made waves across the globe.

"They are important," he said.

They are the people who are going to inherit the mess that we’ve made.

"The world is sick, we really have to do things about it. And there’s no more time for argument."

Attenborough, who has been lamenting the effects of climate change for years, is currently in the middle of his latest project, Extinction: The Facts. 

The BBC documentary will consider what mass extinction of plants and animals would mean for the globe, and humanity, as more endangered species continue to die out.

The documentary is due to be released next year.