Christmas-mad woman gets hate online after putting her decorations up in September

Must See 27/09/2019

An Australian woman who is absolutely besotted with Christmas and the festive season has been blasted online after sharing a photo of her DIY fireplace decoration.

The woman proudly posted a photo of her festive fireplace (made of cardboard) onto her social media, only to be met with a lot of people absolutely baffled as to why she would start putting her decorations up a whole three months away from Christmas Day.

She captioned the photo of the make-shift fireplace: "My fiance finished our fake fireplace this afternoon that he has been working on over the last couple of days."

"We now just need to make a fake fire for the centre. We absolutely love it, especially our six-year-old."

She finished the post with:

It's never too early to start decorating right?

The image was then re-shared in the Kmart Unhacks and Roasts Facebook page - and was met with great amusement.

One person wrote: "Here it is folks! The first #xmas post for 2019.

"Pretty sure this is a record for September or it's a bulls*** post to end up here."

Another commented: "If it's not December 1, then it's too early for anything Christmassy [sic].

"Forget 12 days of Christmas, it's the 12 weeks of Christmas." said another.