Woman's 'kitty-litter' cake she made for her mum makes people queasy online

Food 01/08/2019

A cake a woman made for her mum has gone viral online for all the wrong reasons.

The woman, who's mum obviously has a lot of love for her cat, poured a lot of time and effort into the 'unique' cake design, but when it emerged online, many people labeled it 'disgusting' and revealed it made their stomachs churn.

The cake very closely resembles a real-life kitty litter box - with detail including ‘slightly microwaved’ Picnic bar's as the 'cat poo'.

The woman revealed she used two supermarket mudcakes to create the cake, and then coated them in crushed biscuits.

She used chocolate bars to create the 'poo' and presented the cake in a real-life kitty litter box from Kmart, and a poop scoop.

The cake was also garnished with a photo of the womans mother's beloved cat.

Predictably, Facebook users were horrified and weren’t afraid to say so.

“Gross,” wrote one user.

“I cannot even look at it without cringing and dry reaching,” 

“Does she hate her mother?” another wondered.