Video reveals drunk groom being hand-fed by mother-in-law at wedding reception

Must See 15/08/2019

A video has surfaced online, and subsequently gone viral, of a groom being hand-fed by his mother-in-law at his own wedding.

The groom is obviously very intoxicated, and the footage also shows the mortified mother-in-law hilariously flash a thumbs up when she realises she is being filmed.

The groom spoke out to media outlets about the video after it had already amassed more that 9.2 million views on Facebook.

"The video is highly embarrassing, as this is not the way you should be at your wedding day during the speeches, but we love to laugh at each other’s stupidness,” the groom told the outlet.

“With this situation, you could understand that she may have been upset as I was a total mess, but due to me making a comeback, she has seen the funny side to the video.”

Many have appalauded the mother-in-law.

“What a wonderful mother-in-law. She handled it quite well considering…” wrote on Facebook user.