The inside of your wallet has more germs than a toilet

Must See 28/08/2019

It's no secret that money is one of the filthiest things you can get your hands on. 

Money passes through the hands of many, it's dropped on the floor, shoved in pockets, and cash registers that have never been wiped down in their life.

But it turns out, a recent study has revealed that your wallet may contain even more germs that what your cash and coins do.

Although you may think an almost cash-free society would have cleaner wallets than ever before, new research by has found your wallet is dirtier than a toilet in a New York city train station – and that’s literally, not metaphorically.

Financial website used a handheld device by Hygiena called SystemSURE Plus that identifies germ scores for various objects to test cleanliness. The device found that credit and debit cards were dirtier than coins and cash on average. The higher the score, the more germs.

The device gave a higher germ score to credit and debit cards than it did the bathroom in New York City’s Penn station, which scored 163, while credit and debit cards on average scored around 285, whereas coins and cash averaged a score of 136 and 160 respectively.

So it may pay to be wiping down those credit cards with an antibacterial wipe every now and again.