Survey confirms that you should always put jam on your scones first before cream

Food 29/08/2019

It's no secret that us Kiwis love a good scone!

It's no doubt something we have inherited from our country's British background. 

Scones are perfect for afternoon tea, morning tea, potluck lunches, while playing bridge, finger food at parties, a little after dinner snack and so much more!

But there has always been an underlying debate surronding dear old scones.

Should you put jam then cream? Or cream then jam?

A new survey conducted by the Brits has discovered the correct way to coat your scone.

52% of those surveyed agreed that scones should be covered with jam first and then a nice dollop of cream.

Just under 25% decided that it should be cream and then jam, with another 19% admitting that they actually don't care.

Furthermore, 14% of those surveyed admitted that the debate had almost called a falling out with those that they love.