Study finds women are three time less likely to have 'Me Time' compared to men

Must See 12/08/2019

Ever thought you don't have as much free time as your other half? Well it's more than likely an accurate thought as according to new research conducted on British women between the age of 21-55 by vitamin brand Pink Cloud Beauty Co, a woman spends just 48 minutes relaxing in a week.

In contrast, men get 114 minutes - or almost two hours - of free time to unwind.

The study also revealed that 91 per cent of women feel stressed by their commitments, while over a third still feel like they're not getting enough done, despite barely stopping for a breath.

This news comes after it was also recently revealed by UCL that woman do 20+ hours of housework a week in comparison to to a man's 5+.

They also found that this was even the case in families where the woman was the breadwinner - go the girls!

Source: Pretty52