Study finds swearing at work can be good for your career

Must See 22/08/2019

Are you, or one of your co-workers one to use colourful language at work? While swearing at work can be a rather divisive topic, a new study has discovered that it isn't actually that bad to swear at work. 

In fact, it may even help your career.

The recent scientific research conducted by University of Rochester in New York discovered that intelligent people are more likely to be potty-mouthed, and furthermore, Science Alert also reported that swearing appears to be a language tool that an articulate person can use to communicate with maximum effectiveness.

So not only are people who swear intelligent and good communicators, but AFR reports that swearing can also make an employee appear more honest, credible and persuasive. 

An experiment conducted in 2007 found that swearing at work can also strengthen friendships between employees. To test the theory, a researcher went undercover as a worker at a British mail-order warehouse. He was initially excluded from the social group in the office, but things changed after he swore at another employee, suggesting it can help new employees fit in.

So long story short, according to science if you need to drop the odd f-bomb, or s-word while you're frustrated or need to vent - it's not all bad!