Study finds parents are at their happiest once their kids leave home

Must See 23/08/2019

A recent study has found that parents reach peak happiness once all of their kids have flown the coop.

The study (which spanned over 50 years) says that parents are happier than non parents in general, but their happineess doesn't thrive until later in life once they are truly independent of their kids.

"The results suggest that the finding of a negative link between children and well-being and mental health may not generalize to older people whose children have often left home already," the study says.

"As stress associated with balancing the competing demands of childcare, work and personal life decreases, once people get older and their children leave (home), the importance of children as caregivers and social contacts might prevail."

The researchers went on to say there might be a connection "between age and happiness: people become less happy in middle age, but more happy in older age," they concluded.

So while kids definitely bring joy while they're still at home, turns out they might bring you more once they've moved out!

Source: CNNHealth