No one wants to adopt Daisy, the cat with facial markings that looks like male 'privates'

Must See 30/08/2019

Daisy is a 9-year-old Ragdoll who has been looking for a furever home for the longest time.

She's happy, cuddly and warm but does have a rather unique facial feature...

Her markings make it look like she has male genitalia on her face.

The cat, who is based in Australia, was posted on a Facebook pet rehoming page in a bid to try and catch the attention of someone who would fall in love with her (& her unique markings!) and adopt her.

Daisy quickly found internet fame, with hundreds of people commenting on the post saying that they absolutely love her - and that her markings are a bonus!

Unfortunately, a home still hasn't 100% been found for wee Daisy. But hopefully someone very soon will take her home!