New shoe trend sees people showing off their big toes

Must See 30/08/2019

If you're a person who likes to think you keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends, you may want to rethink that way of life before diving head first into the latest shoe trend that is hitting the runway.

And the trend is all about your big toe.

It's arguably the ugliest toe on the foot, yet a sweeping new trend is seeing the focus put on the largest digit: big toe heels.

Coined by Refinery29, big toe heels were first seen on designer label Y Project's spring summer 2019 runway and have been gaining a worrying amount of momentum ever since.

The horrifying thing is, these aren't sandals. These aren't open-toed heels. They are definitely not sneakers.

They are a breed of their own.

They are currently on sale from the French fashion label for an eye-watering £790.