Internet frightened by Simon Cowell's new face

Must See 15/08/2019

Simon Cowell has a new look and people are scared.

The America's Got Talent judge has lost an impressive 10kg, but at a recent red carpet event, fans noticed something else had changed about his appearance.

Cowell, 59, made a drastic lifestyle alteration after a health scare in 2017, in which he fell down the stairs of his London home in the middle of the night.

He immediately switched his diet from "sausage rolls, hamburgers and jam tarts" to veganism and hasn't gone back.

Despite telling The Sun he feels like an "11 out of 10", many on social media had a less positive reaction to Cowell's makeover, saying something unsettling seems to have happened to his face.

"Someone please stop working and talk to me about what in the living f**k Simon Cowell has done to his face," comedian Alise Morales tweeted.

"His eyes look like his face is slowly eating them," writer Dave Schilling said.

"Please stop tweeting me this picture of the latest thing Simon Cowell has done to himself," celebrity streamer Limmy said. "I used to joke about it, but now I'm just worried. I mean, look. Look at his brow, hanging down like that. He looks like he's wearing an invisible cap. It's so f**king sad."

Notorious celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton is speculating Cowell has undergone a full face of cosmetic surgery. 

"I'm going with: new veneers, fillers in the cheek, Botox in the forehead and a possible eye job too!"

Cowell's new look earned him comparisons to a Madame Tussaud's waxwork, Kenny Rogers, a robot, a melting Nazi from Indiana Jones, a cake, a lion in a Renaissance painting, a Doctor Who character that is just a piece of stretched skin with a face, and "the dog from Howl's Moving Castle".