Homeless man writes little girl adorable poem after she gives him her pocket money

Must See 15/08/2019

A homeless man named Jamie has shown his gratitude to a young girl in the best way he knows how - by writing her a poem.

The 10-year-old girl, Georgi, told Metro UK that seeing the man made her "heart feel sad" o she walked over to him and gave him all she had to give. In return, Jamie gave Georgi a hand-written poem, entitled Street Life, which was signed off with the hashtag Homeless But Still Human.

The poem reads:

On the streets I have no home,
In a doorway all alone,
At night it gets so very cold,
No one for warmth to cuddle or hold,

Day after the day it’s always the same,
People rushing past in the fast lane,
Somewhere to go something to do,
Oh why can’t I have a life like you,

Instead I’m sat here on my pitch,
Waiting praying to get that hitch,
I have my regulars that stop and smile,
That makes getting cold worth the while,

Sat out here it’s like ground hog day,
So until I get my break,
Thats just the way.

By Jamie Smith. #Homeless But Still Human

Georgi’s mum shared the poem on Facebook, saying she was proud of her youngest daughter’s generosity, and how she wished he would get the ‘break’ he desired so much.