Helen Clark shares interesting map proving NZ isn't as small as people believe

Must See 07/08/2019

New Zealand isn't as tiny as we may believe, according to a recently revealed image posted by former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

In the photo posted to Twitter, shown is a map of Europe underneath a map of New Zealand - and the result may surprise you.

"It's interesting to see [NZ] juxtaposed on a map of Europe," Clark said. "This shows its length from the north of the North Island to Stewart Is is comparable to the distance from north of Copenhagen to southern France."

The image was originally posted to the New Zealand Embassy in Ireland Facebook page, comparing it to Ireland's total land area which is 84,421 square kilometres.

In contrast, New Zealand's total land area is 268,021 square km.

But both are still a far cry from the world's biggest countries. According to worldatlas.com, Russia comes in first at 17.1 million square km, followed by Canada (9.98m square km) and the US (9.63m square km).

Even the 10th biggest country - Algeria - comes in at 2.38m square km.

When it comes to populations, however, New Zealand is well down the list at 125 (4.8m), with Ireland one place above, the World Population Review says.