Heartbreaking ad shows how smoking affects your pets

Must See 01/08/2019

A new anti-smoking advert will make you rethink letting anyone smoke near their pets.

Smoking around your pets may not seem like a big deal, but it turns out pets are twice as likely to get cancer from their owner's secondhand smoke.

The emotional ad from Quitline focuses on one happy dog who is loyal to his owner, following him with all the energy he has.

And from the dog's eyes, he watches as his owner smokes while they're together in his car, around his workmates, on their daily walks, and at his social drinks.

The second-hand smoke eventually takes its toll on his dog, who begins to struggle to do any daily activity.

The video has received more than a hundred shares on Facebook and has comments from people saying how tearful they felt watching the end.

Watch the full video above.