Group of nurses sing Backstreet Boys songs to cancer paitent who had to miss concert

Must See 29/08/2019

Among who was diagnosed with Leukemia just three weeks before the Backstreet Boys came to town recieved the greatest gift when a group of nurses in her ward decided to bring the concert to her.

Amanda, who is just 36, has been a fan of the Backstreet Boys since she was a teenager, and purchased the tickets to the Backstreet Boys for Christmas the previous year.

But no one even imagined the shock diagnosis that was to come just three weeks before the concert arrived.

Apparently one of the first things Amanda said once she was diagnosed was if she was still able to go to the concert.

After Amanda was admitted to hospital, her sister who was supposed to be attending the concert with her, decided to team up with the nurses in the cancer ward and put on a bit of a show.