Fans tip Helen Mirren to play the next Queen for The Crown's final seasons

Must See 16/08/2019

Fans of The Crown were saddened when it was announced the beloved characters from season 1 & 2 of The Crown weren't returning to their roles for seasons 3 & 4, but after the new cast was announced, faith was quickly restored in the future of the show.

And now fans know what to expect, they are already putting names forward for who they would like to see in the main roles for the final seasons of the show.

And it seems the popular Netflix show's show-runner agrees!

“She loves the show,” screenwriter Peter Morgan told EW. “She thought there was nothing left to say, and I think she’s really surprised.”

Helen Mirren is no stranger to playing royal roles. The well-known actress has played Elizabeth in the film The Queen and the play The Audience, both of which were written by Morgan.