Family capture 'ghost' of boy and his pet playing in their kitchen with security cameras

Must See 22/08/2019

Joey Nolan of the United States has shared some creepy home footage to his Youtube channel.

The footage was captured in the middle of the night and shows what looks like the ghost of a young boy and his dog getting ready to go out for a walk in Joey's kitchen.

When asked if Joey or his wife had noticed any other 'weird stuff' happening around their home, Joey revealed that while there was nothing to out of character they were very "hyperaware".

"I think we're just hyperaware at the moment and letting our minds play tricks on us a bit these days." he said.

He then continued by sharing a creepy story that happened between he and his wife just a couple of weeks prior.

"A couple weeks before this happened I had a dream that we got our daughter a puppy, I don't remember what breed but in the dream I remember it being black and brown."

"My wife and I commute together, so I asked her on the way into work the next day if we should get the baby a pup...she gave me a very weird look and said that she had a dream the same night where she had to sit me and our daughter down and explain why a dog was a terrible idea."

"After she had caught the "apparition", I figured the spirit of a dog must have hopped into bed with us the night we had the dreams. Outside of that, it's the typical "thought I heard/saw something" and constantly catching angel numbers whenever we look at the clock, but I feel like those are totally normal."

Another commenter under the now viral video asked if the potential spirit could be linked with anyone in the family who had passed away recently. Joey said that there was none he or his wife knew of, but they were investigating the history of their home to find out more.

"No recent deaths, fortunately. We've been digging into the house's history to see if there's any significance with the date of the occurrence. Not much activity before or after." he said.