Facebook rolls out tool to help you protect your privacy

Must See 22/08/2019

By default, Facebook tracks what you do even when you’re not on Facebook. Everything from the products you search for while online shopping, what you purchase, which celebrities you like to read stories on and interact with, the recipes you read and everything in between.

They do this by using a Facebook Pixel, a small piece of code deposited on millions of websites across the internet. The social network uses that information to target you with personalized ads - a business model that is now worth billions of dollars.

Now a feature called 'Off-Facebook Activity' - a tool giving you more control of your data - will be rolled out.

It will be located in settings, and allow you to view a summary of information Facebook receives about your activity on other apps and websites.

Facebook says the new tool also gives you the option to disconnect data from your account completely.

It's been revealed that if you choose to disconnect, you'll still see the same number of ads, although they may be less personalised.

"If you'd like, you can disconnect that information from your account, and it will not be associated with you personally," Facebook says.

"You will be able to access this tool in the coming months."

The latest action comes as the company faces severe criticism from lawmakers and regulators over its privacy practices. Last month, Facebook agreed to a record-setting US$5 billion privacy settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission.

In a blog post, Facebook said it conducted months of research to get input from people, privacy advocates, policymakers and industry groups.