Duvet with two different heat settings aims to stop 'blanket fighting' between partners

Must See 27/08/2019

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to sleep - which can often lead to blanket fighting between couples!

A company in the UK is aiming to stop the 'blanket wars' with their genius new invention. 'Nanu' bedding company has created a duvet that allows for two different heat settings in one.

The 'hot & not' duvets can be customised on their website, but unfortunately they only ship to the UK at present. According to the company, the duvet is the "first of its kind" and it "offers tailoring for you and your partner by offering two preferences in one duvet."

So if one of you likes a nice thick duvet while the other prefers a cooler thin one, you can now get both options in one single duvet!

"Sleep is a fundamental part of everybody's lives and if you or your partner are struggling to sleep it can be extremely difficult." the company said. 

"The nanu team were particularly shocked to discover that 14 percent of Brits say their partner hogs the duvet. The hot & not duvet has been especially created to tackle this relationship problem and offer two personalised sleeps via one perfect product."

Although they don't ship to NZ yet, if online feedback is anything to go by we reckon we'll be seeing these duvets in NZ homes sometime soon!

Source: Pretty52