Disney release first look at new live-action 'Lady and The Tramp' film

Must See 12/08/2019

Dog lovers tongues were set wagging as soon as news got out the Disney was planning on making a live-action remake of the 1955 classic Lady and the Tramp animated film.

And now, finally, we get to see the cast!

The soon-to-be-famous-pups include a a brown and beige cocker spaniel with adorable floppy ears and a gorgeous littler terrier who was actually rescued from a shelter by one of the film's dog trainers.

We think they look very similar to their animated counterparts!

Lady will be voiced by Creed star Tessa Thompson while Tramp is voiced by animal rights advocate and Mulholland Drive star Justin Theroux.

We also see real life versions of Trusty, the drooly bloodhound who's lost his sense of smell, voiced by Sam Elliot of A Star Is Born, Jock, the friendly Scottish terrier, voiced by The Lobster's Ashley Jensen, Peg, the Tibetan Spaniel, responsible for singing 'He's A Tramp' in the original, who will be voiced by recording artist Janelle Monae, and finally Bull, the loveable bulldog, voiced by Avengers' Benedict Wong.

The new live-action Lady and the Tramp won't be hitting cinemas here in New Zealand, as it has been made to launch on Disney's answer to Netflix - Disney+.

The new streaming platform is set to launch in November 2019.