Courier driver's 'shocking' delivery style caught on house security camera

Must See 15/08/2019

Megan Hutchison has had enough of Couriers. The founder of 'She Said Yes' relies on reliable deliveries to run her wedding planning business.  

The small business owner has spoken out about the poor service she consistently receives from Auckland-based Courier companies. 

Around 8:30am on Wednesday, the Mission Bay-based mother was shocked to discover a Courier worker had "hand-delivered" her package by chucking it at her door - from the window of his van.

"I heard this huge thump. We could hear the Courier outside and could instantly tell something had hit the door... it was a sturdy leather men's belt with a metal buckle, so as you can imagine it caused quite a thud," Hutchison told Newshub.

Hutchison's home security camera captured the incident on video. The recent investment has come in handy for the business owner, who installed the technology after repeated delivery blunders.

"I have had so many items lost by Couriers... packages weren't being scanned on delivery, so many purchases have been damaged," she says.

"I've only had it recently put in, but I have used it to demonstrate when they've said, 'It hasn't been picked up'. I can say, 'Yes it has, here's a video of it being picked up that day'."

Wednesday proved to be a very off day for Couriers, who also delivered a package of photos Hutchison had ordered online. 

"I also saw another Courier [package] today clearly being driven over, [even with] a sticker on it saying 'do not bend or crush'," says.

"The photos are all damaged, their corners are bent... because they were driven over."