Couple win millions of dollars all thanks to their hungry cat

Must See 15/08/2019

A couple from the UK are crediting their gorgeous, hungry cat Shortcake for helping them win the Lotto.

After Shortcake was meowing because he was hungry, Lotto winner Andrew Hancock jumped in his car to drive down to the local service station and pick up a tin of Whiskas to subside his loving cats hunger pangs.

While Andrew was at the petrol station, he decided to grab a scratchie as spur of the moment.

"But while paying for the fuel I bought the scratchcard then sat in the car." Andrew told UK news source The Sun.

Then I realised I’d forgotten the cat food... I thought I’ll scratch this off before going back in.

"I scratched off the lucky symbol – a duck – and couldn’t believe what I was seeing."

"I looked and looked again and started to get a bit hot when I realised I won. I checked it about seven or eight times."

Andrew was so surprised by his win that he drove straight home to his wife to share the news - forgetting poor Shortcake's food and the real reason why he went to the service station in the first place!

Instead of boring old Whiskas, Shortcake was treated to a ham dinner while his parents celebrated their winnings with a glass of Pimm's.

Andrew said the moggy who “loves a cuddle and likes to play-bite me” would be dining first-class from now on.