Coatesville farmers excited as their sheep has first ever set of quadruplets

Must See 22/08/2019

In all their 25 years of farming, Coatesville farmers Simon and Adrienne had never had any of their sheep give birth to a set of quadruplets.

Until last week, they had experienced many twins, even a few sets of triplets, but quads were extremely rare for the Coatesville stud.

"Twins are pretty common and triplets aren't all that rare, we had about three sets of them last year," Simon told Stuff.

"But we've never had quadruplets."

Simon and Adrienne revealed that despite only having the normal two teats on her udder, mother sheep was doing well looking after all four of her babies - with a little help from Simon and Adrienne who step in to top up the lambs bellies with milk if they aren't looking quite full enough.

"She's feeding all four but my wife and I are supplementing with bottles," Simon continued.

"They've been having colostrum, which helps build their immunity, and then they switch to a formula."