Man who resembles Brad Pitt can't go anywhere without strangers thinking he's Brad Pitt

Must See 07/08/2019

A builder in the UK has claimed he is often approached by complete strangers mistaking him for Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.

The good-looking 33-year-old says strangers are often starstruck by him, and he has been approached in the street a countless amount of times.

The builder, named Nathan, has revealed that while he doesn't see the resemblance himself, ordinary tasks like heading to the supermarket becomes quite the task.

“I can’t go anywhere. I can’t go into shops — you see them behind the counter nudging each other.”

While his appearance can bring a little bit of burden to his life, it has also helped him immensely.

Nathan has managed to secure a casual job that earns him a few hundred here and there by doing party appearances as the Hollywood star, and also managed to find love with his current partner who originally contacted him via Facebook.