A new Stephen King movie based on a never-before-adapted book is coming

Must See 23/08/2019

If there is one thing that Stephen King does well, is writing brilliant books. He even writes the books so well that they have often been turned into incredible works of art on screen.

His books that have been turned into movies, like Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, IT and The Shining, have been some of the highest grossing and well known movies known to the world, and so film fanatics were super excited after Mr. King himself announced another of his novels were heading to the big screen.

Earlier this week, Hollywood Reporter reported that Chris Romero was teaming with IT producer Roy Leeto adapt King's 1999 survival novel The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

On Wednesday, the acclaimed novelist confirmed the news on his Twitter, writing: "THE GIRL WHO LOVED Tom Gordon is coming--finally. I'm excited."

For those who aren't familar with The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, the psychological thriller centres on the story of Trisha, a nine-year-old girl who is on a hiking trip with her brother and mother, having recently divorced from her father.

As her sibling and mother squabble over the divorces, Trisha decided to fall back and eventually gets lost. Attempting to catch up she tries a shortcut and falls down a steep hill, becoming even more lost.

Armed with just a few food and drink supplies, a poncho, Game Boy and Walkman, Trisha listens to baseball games featuring her crush, player Tom Gordon.

The story turns into a tale of survival as the young girl begins to hallucinate, starve, and suffer pneumonia. Simultaneously, her family and the police begin an epic search for the girl.