A crew of service dogs watched a live musical as part of their training

Must See 23/08/2019

When a cast of performers wrapped up their final show of 'Billy Elliot: The Musical', there was no clapping, cheering or a standing ovation - not even a woof!

In fact the crowd sat silent and very polite as they were all there as a part of their very important training.

About a dozen future service dogs attended the production as part of their training. While a silent curtain call might disappoint actors, the dogs' spellbound stillness is a great sign for their future handlers.

The event was part of a two-year training program by K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs, head trainer Laura MacKenzie told CNN. The future service dogs have toured zoos, subways and crowded fairs to acclimate them to the unfamiliar lights and sounds, rapid movements and bustling crowds they might encounter with their handler, she said.

At the theater, the dogs are expected to sit under the seat or curl up at their handlers' feet while their humans enjoy the show, she said.

They stayed calm and quiet throughout the performance, but a few curious pups peeked their furry heads over the seats to catch a few minutes of the show, she said.

SO cute!