'Downton Abbey' movie reportedly already set to get a sequel

Must See 07/08/2019

In case you haven't heard, one of the best historical dramas in history, Downton Abbey, is getting it's own film and earlier in the year we were treated to the first trailer and the first official images for the movie.

Fans of Downton are understandably fizzing as it has been almost four years since the British series concluded.

The film - taking off from where the TV series finished in 1927 - will see the Crawley family and their army of maids, butlers and cooks thrown into a bit of chaos with a royal visit looming.

Michael Engler, the director of the film, recently confirmed that he is already looking towards the future although the first film has not yet been released. While speaking to Vanity Fair, Engler confirmed that there are already plans for a second Downton Abbey film. "I think there always is a potential," he said.

Engler isn't the only one who is eager to see another Downton Abbey film. Hugh Bonneville, who has played Robert Crawley, 7th Earl of Grantham in both the series and movie, even joked that there is a possibility that they could rival a popular science fiction franchise. "How many movies were there of Star Wars? This could run and run," he said.

While we would love as many movies as possible following the iconic Crawley family, we are just counting down the days until the first film hits the big screen!