Woman urges other dog owners to be careful with plastic bottles after accident

Must See 10/07/2019

A distressed pet owner has taken to Facebook to share a scary experience she had after her dog tried to eat a plastic water bottle.

"Only posting this because I know a lot of people give bottles to their dogs to play with as they love them!" her post began. 

"This morning I came downstairs and my dog had found a plastic water bottle (we didn’t give it to him) and he had it stuck around his jaw. It was completely STUCK and I couldn’t cut it or anything!"

"He was getting really upset and throwing himself all over the place and hitting it on things trying to get it off. I straight away took him to the vets who ended up having to sedate him to saw it off!! as his jaw had swollen up so much. He was in a lot of pain but thank god it didn’t do any damage!

"Please please don’t give bottles to your dogs to play with incase they do end up really hurting themselves."

Many dog owners thanked the woman for sharing as they had overlooked the potentialy hazard the bottle could cause.

Thankfully this story had a happy ending, but hopefully the scare can be used to help other pet owners stop something like this from happening to their pets.