Woman sparks heated debate over carpet in the bathroom after visiting family member

Must See 26/07/2019

After a visit to her husband's grandma's house, a woman has taken to Reddit to raise a question about something she noticed in the bathroom.

The woman was shocked to find carpet on the bathroom floor, which made her question the hygiene of the room.

The debate quickly erupted with people split on the issue. Many pointed out that carpet in the bathroom was popular in the 90s.

"My old townhouse I rented years ago had a carpeted bathroom. It was a berber carpet, but still." one person wrote. "Soggy would be the best way to describe that bathroom. I’d even say it was perpetually moist."

"I have traumatic memories of my son being potty trained in my very first house in the UK. The bathroom was carpeted and there were loads of accidents resulting in a horrid smell." another added.

But others didn't see the big deal. "It’s not a big deal. My parents’ house has carpet in the bathroom."

Would this freak you out as much as it did this person?

Source: YahooLifestyle