Woman shares genius hack for stopping toothpaste tubes from getting messy

Must See 11/07/2019

A woman has shared a simple and genius hack she thought up on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page.

Fed up with her children making a mess with their tube of toothpaste, the woman simply emptied the toothpaste into a soap dispenser to make applying toothpaste cleaner and easier for her kids.

Parents and grandparents on the page thanked the mum for her simple hack, while some even offered their own tips for dealing with the same issue.

"This has saved my bathroom," one woman simply wrote.

"Great idea. I'm going to get onto this one tomorrow and try it with my kids." added another.

One person suggested adding a rubber band to the dispenser to help limit the amount of paste that comes out.

"If you wrap a rubber band or hair tie around the pump part you push down on, it stops it from going all the way down meaning less toothpaste came out," the woman commented.

This might be one worth trying if you have the same issue in your household!

Source: The Sun