Woman pens hilarious letter to her ‘unfriendly’ cat

Must See 09/07/2019

It's no secret that cat's are well-known to be the sassiest of household pets. Whether they're moody, don't feel like being cuddled or just want their own space, sometimes they can put on a bit of a sour face.

But one cat parent knows that beneath her cats mean exterior lies a sweet soul, and she decided to call the cat out on it in a very sweet, yet hilarious letter.

"Audrey when we found you, you were 1/2 dead and 100% feral." the post started.

The owner then went on to describe how it took four years for Audrey (the cat) to grow out of attacking everyone it came across.

"I’ve accepted that you don’t really like humans and are happy just doing your own thing. But can I tell you a secret?" the owner continued.

I know you come into my room at night and snuggle me.

"You’re not exactly sly. First of all you weigh like 20lbs. You’re a fat cat. So I can feel when you walk all over me. Also girl you purr like a freight train when you’re happy. And you tend to drool on my face when you stare at me. You always come in once you think I’m asleep and bail when I start to wake up. You’re not as sly as you think you but that’s okay. I love you very much and it makes me so happy you show me love in your own special way."

People really fell in love with the description of Audrey and said it was something they could identify with.

One said: ‘Amazing and wholesome. My grandma has rescued cat (Sadie) that was very unfriendly towards everyone except for her. Sadie would hiss at everyone that even glanced at her at first, but after some time got to where you could pet her and she would enjoy it until she realized you were touching her.

‘One day when I little I was taking a nap on the couch with Sadie’s favorite feather comforter, and I woke up to find her loafed up neatly on top of my legs. I was terrified at first but now it’s a happy warm memory for me. It always warms my heart to see people rehabilitating and nurturing “hard” animals.’

Another added: ‘This is the best thing I’ve seen on the Internet all week. My mother’s formerly feral cat would do this too. Tough girl on the outside, total love bug as long as she thought I or my mother was asleep and no one was watching. She had a reputation to maintain after all of strong independent cat who don’t need no hooman.

After seeing all the positive comments, the original poster updated the letter and said even Audrey was impressed with the reaction.

The update said: "You guys I had no idea this would blow up and I’m so happy I could touch so many of you. I just love my little kitty and needed to get it off my chest. I’ve been reading her your comments. She seems pleased."