Woman amazed by 'perfect condition' of supermarket cake left outside for 2 months

Must See 26/07/2019

A woman has shared the results of a supermarket cake which was left sitting out for 2 months.

The woman bought the cake as an easy option for her child's birthday, her husband cut a slice and took it to his office but forgot to eat it. Eventually they decided to leave it sitting there to see how long it would take to grow mould.

After 2 months of the cake sitting in her partner's office, the woman says she was “was utterly surprised,” by the results

"It had just been sitting out there in the open – but even the bugs hadn’t touched it." she said.

"My reaction was that is gross... And then it clicked, I remembered no one liked the cake!"

"Now with the lack of mould, it’s no wonder... I immediately wondered how many preservatives were in it."

The woman reported the cake to the supermarket where she bought it from.

"The cake should have been green with mould after essentially two months sitting in a room."

"I want nothing more than people to just be simply aware."

"Choosing this option because it's cheap, cute and simple - surely it isn't worth it."

This wee experiment definitely makes some food for thought!