The artists we think deserve an epic biopic film

music news 23/07/2019

In the past wee while we have been very lucky to watch some of the most incredible films based off of our favourite artists life stories.

We've been stunned by Rami Malek's portrayl of the late Freddie Mercury in 2018, earlier this year we saw Taron Egerton outdo himself as Elton John and in the coming years we will get to see films about Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Judy Garland, Boy George and Dusty Springfield, to name just a few.

And while we are excited to see how these superstars are portrayed by Hollywood, there are a few more biopics we love to watch on the big screen.


They are unofficially crowned the Swedish gods and goddesses of music and they have had a rather turbulent time throughout their years creating music, but despite it all the quality of their work never dropped.

George Michael

He was a brilliant performer that had such a tragic, early end to his successful life. Of course there were ups and downs, but we would love to relive when George Michael met Andrew Ridgeley to form Wham!, how a love triangle led to the song 'Careless Whisper', how he discovered his sexuality and all the gossip about his high-profile court case with Sony, this would be a fantastic story to be told.

Fleetwood Mac

In a recent interview with TVNZ's Sunday, Mick Fleetwood didn't shut down the idea of a Fleetwood Mac biopic, and to be honest we are surprised that there isn't already one in the works.

Fleetwood Mac have had perhaps the most turbulent, drama-filled life behind the music. Divorces, affairs, drugs, good music... Fleetwood Mac had it all. But despite all of the turmoil, they managed to stay together as a band and channeled all their angst into becoming one of the most well-known bands in history.

And they're still touring to this day!


With a career spanning four decades, the entire world was shocked at hearing the news of the iconic singers passing. He was well-known for his eclectic work and flamboyant stage appearances. He had famous contractual disputes with record company's, played the Superbowl, has one of the largest music catalogs ever, wrote some of the biggest songs for other fellow artists, and is still in 2019, releasing brand new music.

What biopic would you rather watch?