Study finds your dog loves you five times more than your cat

Must See 09/07/2019

Whether you own a cat, a dog or both, there is no denying the love we have for our pets. They are our fur babies, and we treat them like part of the family.

Many dog owners, or those who prefer dogs over cats, often argue how dogs are more affectionate than cats, and now it seems like they have some cold hard evidence to back that up.

A recent study says pups are (almost) five times fonder of their owners in comparison to how cats feel about the people who look after them day in, day out.

For an upcoming documentary, neuroscientist Paul Zak took saliva samples from ten dogs and ten cats before allowing them to play with their owners for ten minutes.

When the ten minutes were up, he took another sample from the animals, to test it for the presence of the love hormone, oxytocin.

According to Express UK, the level of oxytocin was up 57.2 per cent for dogs while cats only showed a 12 per cent increase in the hormone.

“I was really surprised to discover that dogs produced such high levels of oxytocin. The dog level of 57.2 percent is a very powerful response" said Zak.