Research discovers that cockroaches are becoming immune to bug spray

Must See 03/07/2019

If you have a fear of cockroaches, it may be time to think about shifting planets as new research has revealed that the common cockroach is fast becoming invincible.

The new research has revealed that cockroaches are developing cross-resistance to some of exterminators' most extreme insecticides and also found that some are even becoming resistant to poisons they haven't even been exposed to yet.

The researchers at Purdue University caught cockroaches and assessed which poisons they were most susceptible to - they then used the insecticides that they believed would be most effective.

The researchers found that certain cockroaches who had mutated to be resistant to particular classes of pesticides were quickly passing those traits on.

Offspring of survivor cockroaches were gaining extensive resistance to the poisons, including new classes of insecticide that they hadn't even been exposed to yet.

Michael E. Scharf, one of the study's authors and an entomology researcher from Purdue, said this was occurring rapidly between generations.