Photos show butterfly landing on father's hand as he pays tribute to late daughter

Must See 04/07/2019

These have to be some of the most touching wedding photos we've seen!

During the wedding, the father and mother of the groom paid tribute to their late daughter by releasing butterflies - but no one in the crowd expected it to go the way it did...

Photo credit: Jessica Mann Photography

"That’s a real butterfly on his finger. This is probably the most emotional thing I’ve witnessed at a wedding." the photographer wrote on her Instagram account.

"The groom’s sister tragically passed away in a car accident a few years prior during the Christmas holiday."

"To honor her, the groom’s parents released butterflies during the ceremony in her honor... As they released the butterflies, they wouldn’t fly off. They clung all over them and even stayed on their bodies the entire ceremony and well afterward into cocktail hour."

"Lydia, the bride, even walked down the aisle with two on her dress... Unreal."

You can check out some of the photos from the touching moment below...