People can't get over this viral freezer storage hack

Must See 26/07/2019

Twitter user 'Liyah Land' is trying to flip the way you use your freezer on its head. 

After sharing a simple hack on Twitter, many people have expressed their amazement at this simple freezer storage tip.

Most freezers have lines on the bottom of them. Some believe they're for air circulation or for stopping things from getting stuck - but this person thinks they're perfect for storage...

The lines work perfectly for holding trays of meet in place and giving some more order to the often chaotic freezer.

While many very thankful for the hack, others were quick to call it out.

"Don’t let my momma see this, she’ll make me reorganise the freeze," one joked.

Others suggested the whole thing was pointless and didn't help keep things tidy at all.

Despite the debate online, it could be a handy tip to try out!