Owner shocked after discovering her dogs have turned green

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Naughty pups!

The owner of two gorgeous French Bulldogs woke up to quite a surprise when she discovered her two precious pups had turned a shade of very bright green.

Once the intial shock subsided, she realised that the mischievious pair had had a late night raid of the kitchen pantry and decided that they quite liked the look of the green food colouring.

Their unfortunate makeover had left them looking like the famous Marvel Comics character The Incredible Hulk. 

The colouring had spread across the kitchen floor, and been traipsed around the house by the cheeky dogs.

Ms Ornsomjit said: "My husband and I spent half a day washing them about three times but some parts of their bodies were still green."

Apparently the dogs were completely oblivious to what they had done to the place.