Meet Bahati, the little lion cub that The Lion King used to make Simba so realistic

Must See 24/07/2019

What a gorgeous little cub!

A US based zoo has revealed on its social media pages that the world's most famous lion cub, Simba, was modeled after their lion cub Bahati.

Bahati was just a month old when the zoo shared footage of her movements with Disney.

Writing on Facebook the zoo said: "The world's most famous lion cub may have gotten some of his moves from our very own Bahati!"

"When Bahati was just a month old, we provided Disney with video of her movements for their animation team to use for motion and behavior reference when designing Simba in The Lion King."

"From walking on wobbly new legs, to licking milk droplets off of her face, we captured every moment, no matter how small."

How sweet!