Man left mortified after his Roomba runs over his dog's poop while vacuuming

Must See 16/07/2019

One man has been left distraught and admits that he will be 'needing therapy' after his Roomba vacuum cleaner ran over his dog's poop and "proceeded to 'clean' the rest of the house".

The man not only shared his woes on his Facebook page, he also went further in depth on his Reddit account.

The dog is his new rescue dog who is not quite "fully trained" yet, hence why he is still needing to go toilet in the house.

The man also explained how he had left the Roomba inside the room with the door closed, however the dog must have opened the door by himself and taken a poop inside when no-one was looking.

It is unclear whether the man decided to take up the task of cleaning the Roomba, or if her decided it would just be easier to throw the whole thing out.