Man discovers the reason why he had breathing problems was due to his cheeky cat

Must See 25/07/2019

Oh cats... They can be loveable and cuddly, cute and friendly and even show signs of sass. They truly are quite the character and one UK based man discovered that his cat had a bit of cheekiness about it after he installed hidden cameras in his bedroom to monitor his sleeping.

The man had found he was struggling to breathe while he slept at night, but all issues were clear when he was awake. 

He thought he may have had sleep apnoea, which causes shallow or brief pauses in breathing while sleeping. This condition usually occurs due to obstruction of the airways and is common in obese or overweight people.

But that wasn't quite the case.

After setting up a camera in his room to see what was going on his sleep at night, he was very surprised his issues all stemmed from his cheeky cat.

The tweet, which was accompanied by photos of the cat hugging its owner, has blown up online, receiving more than 300,000 likes. In the set of images, the cat could be seen watching the owner sleep peacefully. It then decides to get comfortable on his face, blocking his airways.

It's unclear as to how the man didn't wake up to a face full of fur, or from the extra weight on his face, but other cat owners shared their similar predicaments where their feline friends like to get close to their faces too!