Leading psychologist reveals that you can reduce anxiety levels just by saying this word

Must See 24/07/2019

Anxiety is an issue that affects many more people than you might think.

Health Navigator NZ has reported that approximately 1 in 4 New Zealanders will be affected by an anxiety disorder at some stage in their lives and at any one time, 15% of the population will be affected.

It’s a serious mental health condition that can range from being a minor inconvenience, to being a debilitating illness. 

While we always recommend that those struggling with their mental health consult a medical professional, a leading psychologist Jeffery Bernstein has suggested a small idea that may help ease symptoms of anxiety.

In an interview with My Domaine Home, psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein revealed that by simply saying ‘nevertheless’, you can alleviate symptoms of anxiety by reducing discouragement and turning negative events into something more productive and positive.

For example, you might say to yourself “I feel like I am going to fail this test, but nevertheless, I’m going to give it my best shot”.

This sort of sentence acknowledges the thing that may be causing you anxiety, but also reframes the situation with a more positive mindset. It can make you more productive and boost self-esteem.