Kiwi woman warns of household item secretly poisoning your cat

Must See 03/07/2019

Kiwi cat owner Maddie Smith has shared a warning to other fellow pet owners on her Facebook page. 

Maddie woke up one day to discover her cat Ruby had suddenly became ill and then deteriorated rapidly in just 12 hours.

“We woke up on Wednesday morning to our darling Ruby walking really strangely and had her head in an odd position as she walked. We initially thought this was just because she was so cold so we got her nice and toasty and left for work as usual.”

“Wednesday afternoon Clayton arrived home from work and she had deteriorated dramatically so we rushed her to the vets. The vets were extremely concerned for her and could see she definitely had neurological problems because she simply could not walk properly, could not hear or see, couldn’t even eat or drink properly because she couldn’t function her tongue the best. Her basic senses and abilities GONE in 12 hours. She was so helpless,” Maddie wrote on Facebook.

It was later discovered that poor little Ruby had extremely high sodium levels in her blood. It was an indication of salt-poisoning and it turned out that Ruby had been licking the Himalayan salt lamp that lived in the family's lounge.

Salt-poisoning can be fatal for dogs and cats and symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, lethargy, incoordination, excessive thirst or urination, tremors, seizures, and coma. The site advises contacting your veterinarian immediately if you think your pet might be suffering from salt poisoning.

Luckily, Ruby the cat got treatment in time and is set to make a full recovery.