Jimmy Barnes' 4 year old grandson claims he is Princess Di reincarnated

Must See 16/07/2019

If you've ever had kids, or spent a lot of time around them, you will understand that sometimes they come out with the most darndest things. 

Often mother's and father's claim that their kid's have come out with weird stories that have 'creeped' them out, but none have ever quite been as obscure as Jimmy Barnes' grandson's claims.

The claims have come to light thanks to Barnsey's son, David Campbell, who is an Australian TV presenter. David has written a full article in Stellar magazine about how he believes his son Billy, aged 4, is the reincarnation of none other than Princess Diana.

David Campbell recounted how his beliefs of his son came about, mentioning how it started when Billy was just two-and-a-half, and the tot shared stories that seemed spookily detailed.

As he grew they became more compelling - including when mum Lisa received a card with Princess Diana on it and little Billy pointed at it and said, “Look! It’s me when I was a princess.”

More eerie remarks followed, with little Billy revealing he had two sons, and a brother named John - which was dismissed until David discovered Diana had an infant sibling named John, who died a year before she was born.

…he started to refer to his two “boys”. When asked what boys, our then three-year-old would say his “sons”. OK… strange, but sure, mate.

And then came the most jaw-dropping moment of them all, when Lisa showed Billy another photo of Lady Di. 

“Billy said: ‘There’s me as a princess. Then one day the sirens came and I wasn’t a princess anymore’," David remembered. 

"People shiver when we tell them this one.”

To a Scottish friend of ours, he claimed when he was Princess Diana he used to go to a castle in that kilted wonderland. He described the castle as having “unicorns on it” and was called Balmoral. Which is the Queen’s Scottish residence. The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland and there are unicorns on the walls and how does he know this??? He is four years old!

Campbell maintains his son has no knowledge of the monarchy, so his ability to recount these facts is spine tingling.

There's no word from Jimmy Barnes as to if he knows his grandson could possibly be Princess Di or not.