How you could get yourself an upgrade on your next flight

travel 25/07/2019

If you're heading off on an international holiday, but you only purchased yourself an economy ticket and are wishing you paid that bit extra for more space and better meals in premium economy or business, then these are some top tips to keep in mind!

While these won't guarantee you an upgrade, it will definetly heighten your chances!

Look The Part

Not everyone in business class will be wearing a suit, but if you look like you've just rolled out of bed after a sleepless night then you will probably be overlooked for an upgrade when you ask at the front desk.

Most airlines have a staff travel policy that specifies no singlets, no sneakers, no thongs or jandals, smart shoes for women and a tie for men. Follow that policy and you might get an upgrade into premium economy at least.

Be First, Be Polite

Arriving early for check in is prime time for upgrades as the ground staff will know if the flight is oversold or not.

Being friendly and patient could land you a few rows further forward, and if you ask politely you could score a better seat. 

If you're willing to take a risk, ask how full the fight is and if there's any option to upgrade. You an even put in a bid for an upgrade on some carriers like Air New Zealand.

Ask When You're On The Plane

A flight attendant revealed to that if you wait until you're on the plane you still stand a chance if there are empty seats.

"Gate agents don't care," she said "But once you're on and that door is closed, make sure you have something to give your flight attendants … such as candy or a Starbucks card."

Be A Frequent Flyer

Make sure you've signed up to the airline carriers frequent flyer program for a better chance to reach the awards of the upgrade.

A British Airline spokesperson let The Telegraph in on an industry secret: “It is sometimes necessary to upgrade customers," he says. But … "This is rare and will normally apply to frequent flyers who are members of our loyalty programme first.”

Fly Solo

If you're flying on your lonesome, then chances are you're a lot more likely to be upgraded.

Families and groups are far less likely to be moved into business class as single seats are more likely to be available.

Remember while these are all great tips, they aren't guaranteed to give you an upgrade on your next flight. But it is always worth a try!