Everything we know about The Crown season three

Must See

It's been a long while since The Crown gave us Season 2, and we are so excited that on November 17 we get to finally watch Season 3.

It’s set to be the most scandalous season of The Crown, with the new season chronicling the lives of young royals Prince Charles and Princess Anne as well as how the family adjusts to the changes of the late 1960s and 1970s.

In Season 3 we get to see Academy Award winner Olivia Colman taking over from Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth, and Tobias Menzies portraying Prince Philip - instead of Matt Smith who owned the role in Seasons 1 & 2.

The third and fourth series will span the years 1964-77, with series one and two having covered the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, from 1947-63.

Show-runner Peter Morgan confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the new season will focus less upon Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II’s relationship - which he suggests became settled after the years of turmoil depicted in season two - and more on the breakdown of the marriage of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon.

He added that Charles and Camilla will be a central focus of the season, too.

“People always assume Charles cheated on Diana with Camilla,” he says. “It’s absolutely the wrong way round. He was deeply in love with Camilla and forced to marry Diana.”

On top of this, the series will see the monarch cultivating her steadiest relationship with a Prime Minister yet in Harold Wilson, who served as head of the British government during this period.