Cher announces publicly that the best ice cream she has ever had was from New Zealand

Must See 25/07/2019

Cher has made an hilarious Public Service Announcement on her personal Twitter, stating that the best ice cream she has ever had in her entire life was from here in little old New Zealand!

You may remember last year when the beautiful Cher was in NZ for her show at Auckland's Spark Arena, she headed out to the well-known ice-cream palour - Giapo.

She boasted then that it was the best ice-cream she has ever had, and it seems like nothing has beaten it since - not even a year later!

When at Giapo in September last year, it is reported that she ordered a triple-chocolate 'evolution' cone and posed for photos with fans. She appeared in Giapo's Instagram story looking delighted with her icecream and sporting some vibrant pink eyeshadow.

Giapo spokeswoman Annarosa Petrucci told Stuff that the singer was a "sweetheart". She even offered up a generous $100 tip when paying for her icecream, which Ms Petrucci says was respectfully declined by staff.