Casey Kopua's daughter steals the spotlight in mum's post-win interview

Must See 22/07/2019

Our mighty Silver Ferns have made early-rising netball fans (and the rest of New Zealand) extremely proud thanks to their mammoth effort they put into the Netball World Cup Final against Australia.

The girls came out on top with an epic 52-51 win over Aussie, and the win saw NZ erupt with excitement and happiness.

But amongst all the praise and well-wishes to the Silver Fern girls, veteran Casey Kopua's young daughter Maia has stolen the spotlight, the post-final interview turned into a cute never-to-forget moment between mother and daughter.

As Kopua answered questions on Sky Sports following the thrilling one goal victory over Australia in Liverpool, Maia began licking her mum's neck and shoulder.

"Do you like the taste of sweat?" the BBC interviewer asked Maia, while her mum explained that she liked the saltiness.