Car door or beach? New viral photo is seriously tricking people

Must See 09/07/2019

This one will have you scratching your head! This optical illusion has gone viral online after people started arguing over what they saw. Some people see the photo as a beach while others see a damaged car door.

Twitter user Nayem shared the photo on Twitter where it went on to cause a stir...

"If you can see a beach, ocean sky, rocks and stars then you are an artist... But its not, its the lower part of the car *door* (which needs to be repaired.)" he wrote.

"If I focus on that larger pebble I see the car, otherwise it’s a beach." one person wrote.

"I can still see the beach. I can see the car if I want, but the beach is better." added another.

What is it for you? Can see the beach or only the bottom part of a damaged car door?